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soan papdi manufacturer in nagpur
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  • December 12, 2017

Soan Papdi Manufacturer

Soan Papdi manufacturer is the term related to the people who manufactures the Soan Papdi. Soan Papdi is a sweet which is famous in northern part of India. And it is also available in all the parts in India. Soan Papdi manufacturers are in more number in Nagpur. Unofficially Nagpur has became the hub for making Soan Papdi in India.

Surdhenu is a leading Soan Papdi manufacturer in Nagpur, India which has production of 25 tonnes of Soan Papdi sweet every day and 3000 tonnes per annum. We are exporting Soan Papdi sweet to many cities like Mumbai, Delhi and also foreign countries. Made with utmost professionals in the field of Soan Papdi, Surdhenu Soan Papdi beats all the varieties in taste.

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Soan Papdi manufacturer in Nagpur :

Nagpur has became the hub for Soan Papdi manufacturers. There are many big companies who manufactures the Soan Papdi sweet in Nagpur; In that Surdhenu stands first in the terms of taste and sales.Established in the year 2009, Surdhenu has acquired a great place in people’s heart in the terms of taste. From choosing the raw materials and get the sweet prepared by the professionals, Surdhenu has employed the state of the art technology to get the right texture and taste for the soan papdi sweet.

Now a days there is a huge competition for making Soan Papdi in the market. We are proud to say that Surdhenu has beaten all of them in the competition and emerged as the No. 1 Soan Papdi maker in India. Not only Soan Papdi, Surdhenu also makes ready to eat snacks, savories and namkeens which are quite popular in the market. The other Soan Papdi manufacturers are still striving to achieve the taste which Surdhenu has produced but they are failing miserably. Surdhenu has some secret ingredients which are used at the time of making Soan Papdi and these ingredients have helped us in achieving the best taste.

When compared to other Soan Papdi varieties and rates Surdhenu is selling quality and tasty Soan Papdi. The shelf life of any variety of Soan Papdi will be of 6 months and it is available in 250 and 500 gms in the market. You can see that there is a big difference in the rates of Soan Papdi when compared to others, this is because Surdhenu’s main aim will be to give quality products at affordable rates. When you see our line of products you can observe this difference and believe that we will not compromise in Quality, Taste and price.