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Soan Papdi Sweet Surdhenu
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  • December 7, 2017

Soan Papdi Wholesale :

Soan Papdi Wholesale market is growing day by day. With the advent of online E-Commerce portals, Soan Papdi wholesale market has sky rocketed with the help of many E-Commerce portals. Surdhenu is a leading Soan Papdi manufacturer in India, We follow some unique methods to prepare SoanPapdi and this has made us the leading manufacturer of SoanPapdi in India. Be it any occasion, nothing adds to the celebration like Surdhenu’s sweets. We will make SoanPapdi from the finest Indian recipes of the past which gives a unique and great taste to the SoanPapdi.

About Surdhenu Sweets :

Surdhenu was established in the year 2009 and we are situated in Nagpur, Maharashtra. we already emerged as the reputable manufacturers in providing a vast range of Indian Sweets,Bhelpuri Namkeen and Fruit Biscuits. Employing State-of-the-art technology, Surdhenu is producing high quality, ready-to-eat snacks, savories & Sweets. From the stage of choosing raw materials to make Sweets and Namkeens and in the process of making the end product, we follow the international norms for Quality and Hygiene. We believe healthy body and healthy mind are primary requisites for a nation’s development and we are making efforts to maintain our Indians more healthy and active.

We manufacture 5 varieties of Soan Papdi flavors and each flavor has an unique taste and texture for it. Our SoanPapdi is so famous that we manufacture a total of 3000 tonnes per annum and we will export to 8 different countries around the world. We have many corporate are our clients and our SoanPapdi price is relatively less when compared to other Soanpapdi varieties in the market. We make some unique varieties of Soan Papdi which you cannot find anywhere in the market. Our Soan Papdi varieties consists of Elaichi Soan Papdi, Pure Ghee Soan Papdi, Orange Soan Papdi, Elaichi Soan Roll, Chocolate Soan Papdi.

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About Surdhenu Soan Papdi Wholesale Market :

At Surdhenu, we manufacture huge amounts of Soan Papdi; We supply our Soan Papdi to Soan Papdi Wholesaler in various cities like Mumbai, Nagpur and from there the Soan Papdi retailer buy from the soan papdi wholesale market and at the end they will reach to the customer. We also supply individually to the soan papdi retailers and they can sell into the market. Apart from Soan Papdi, We prepare many sweets like Gulab Jamun, Mishti, Rasagulla which are famous sweets in India. We are also exporting our products to major cities like Delhi and also foreign markets.

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Our Other Products :

Apart from the Soan Papdi our other sweets also have great taste. When comes to Gulab Jamun, after Soan Papdi it is the highest sold product in our sweets catalog. Made from the finest recipes our Fruit Biscuits also stand still in terms of taste. Hyderabad is famous for fruit biscuits in India, and we are giving tough competition to Hyderabad fruit biscuits in terms of taste. Our cream roll and rusk are voted as better choice for snacks by many people.

We also make Chips which are liked by both kids and adults. Our chips which are named as “Pinga” had many choice of varieties such as Salted, Cream & Onion, Masala Chips, Tomato Chips and Spicy chips. We care for our customers health also and keeping this in mind we have used all edible oils and also we checked multiple times with ingredients and removed the faulty pieces also.

We are also planning to enter into every household in the form of their daily needs. We have started manufacturing and producing Maida and Besan products which can be used in every household. Also we have produced Atta and salt which are already present in the market. Made from Gudi fields, we have manged to achieve the right amount of nutrients and also great taste.